JULY 14th, 1995
Vehicle records from the Engineering Battalion record the following vehicles as having been in Orahovac:
A TAM 75, registration number M-5264, which twice traveled from base to Orahovac and back
A Mercedes 2626, registration number M 5195, which towed an excavator to the village of Krizeveci (located one kilometer from Orahovac)
An excavator, registration number C 3117, which left the base in Orahovac and returned after 6 hours of digging
A backhoe loader, (excavator "Torpedo") property of "Birac Holding," which left the base in Orahovac and worked for 5 ½ hours.
Fuel: The Zvornik Brigade's fuel dispersal log shows that 200 liters of fuel were distributed to the Engineering Battalion on July 14th, 1995.
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