JULY 14th, 1995
While the killing stopped in Orahovac, it began 6 kilometers north in Petkovci. The VRS transported 1,500-2,000 prisoners there and detained them in the hall of a primary school. It was extremely hot and crowded, the men had no food or water and some prisoners became so thirsty they resorted to drinking their own urine. Periodically, soldiers would enter the room and beat the prisoners, or call them out to be killed. A few of the prisoners discussed trying to escape, but others said it would be better to stay; that surely the Red Cross would monitor the situation and they could not all be killed.

They were ordered to strip to the waist and to remove their shoes, their hands were tied behind their backs with wire, and they were taken by truck to the dam at Petkovici. The VRS lined up and shot prisoners in groups of 5 to 10 men (2 prisoners survived the shootings). Then 5 to 10 men were taken out of the trucks, lined up and shot. Some begged for water but their pleas were ignored.
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