JULY 14th, 1995
The VRS set in motion its systematic killings of thousands of Muslim prisoners. They began by transferring prisoners from Bratunac to various locations. A significant number of the organized mass executions connected to the fall of Srebrenica were carried out in the zone of responsibility of the Zvornik Brigade. During July 14th

2,000-2,500 men in a convoy of 30 buses were transported from Bratunac to Zvornik. There were held in the gymnasium of an elementary school in Grbavci (near Orahovac), as well as other schools. According to some estimates, they were 1000 prisoners held in Grbavci. The gymnasium was overcrowded and stifling. Guards at times would fire into the ceiling to quiet panic-stricken prisoners. Some prisoners were led out and then killed. At some point, a witness recalled, Mladic arrived and told the men, "Well, your government does not want you, and I have to take care of you."
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