JULY 14th, 1995
The international community does not appear to have had any evidence at the time that executions were taking place in such staggering numbers. In fact, almost all the individuals interviewed indicated that they simply did not expect, or even imagine, the possibility of such barbarity.

Karl Bildt
On 14 July, the European Union negotiator, Mr. Bildt, travelled to Belgrade to meet with Slobodan Milosevic. The meeting took place at Dobanovci, a hunting lodge outside Belgrade. According to Mr. Bildt's public account of that second meeting, he pressed the President to arrange immediate access for UNHCR to assist the people of Srebrenica, and for ICRC to start to register those who were being treated by the VRS as prisoners of war. He also insisted that the Netherlands soldiers be allowed to leave at will. President Milosevic apparently acceded to the various demands, but also claimed that he did not have control over the matter. A few hours into the meeting, General Mladic arrived and readily agreed to most of the demands on Srebrenica, but remained opposed to some of the arrangements pertaining to the other enclaves.
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