JULY 14th, 1995
The VRS mounted an ambush at Mount Velja Glava that broke the column. The column returned towards Mladjenovac. It stopped at Josanica Gaj and waited to regroup. After 16 hours it continued moving again. In the area of Marcici-Snagovo village the VRS staged another ambush with a combination of tanks and APCs and the support of MUP RS special forces. The ARBiH captured VRS commanders. The column, now at 5,000 people, continued towards Tuzla. The VRS opened fire on them from Mount Velja Glava, and from the town of Kula north of Zvornik. From the night of July 14th to July 15th the column moved along the Zvornik-Tuzla road. After making their way through Mrcici village, others began to arrive from Konjevic Polje and Nova Kasaba. The column continued towards Crni Vrh on the Zvornik-Tuzla road. On the morning of July 15th the second part of the column passed below Udrca towards Kamenica on the way to Tuzla.
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