During the debate on resolution S/PV 3553, July 12th, some of the members of the Council clarified their positions.

Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina:
that the UN and NATO re-establish the violated borders of the "safe area" of Srebrenica.

Representative of France:
His government did not wish to "impose the use of any particular means."

Representative of Italy:
His government strongly hoped "that this objective will be achieved by peaceful means through negotiation and persuasion."

Representative of Nigeria:
"Whether the draft resolution contains enough strong elements and any additional political will which will finally convince the aggressor of our collective determination to draw the line remains to be seen."

Representative of the Russian Federation:
"We must again note that the use of air power is not the road to a solution."

Representative of the USA:
"The Secretary-General must have the right to use the resources available to him, as stated in this resolution…to employ our resources…to meet the humanitarian needs."

Representative of the UK:
"This Council has now requested the Secretary-General to use all resources available to him to promote the restoration of the status of Srebrenica as a safe area."

Representative of China:
His government had "reservations about taking enforcement action."
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