JULY 12th, 1995
Encirclment-Iron Ring
As the front of the column of approximately 15,000 men proceeded north and then west from Srebrenica, the VRS fighters began to close in on them, using not only longer-range heavy weapons, but also mortars, bazookas and small arms. The VRS established a cordon along the paved road that passed through Konjevic Polje and Nova Kasaba and across which the column would have to pass.

The middle section of the column was ambushed. After only a few dozen people had crossed the stream VRS soldiers appeared. They had come along a dirt road from the direction of Kravica in trucks and APCs, among which was one UN vehicle; they were hailed with a megaphone to surrender.

In the afternoon and early evening hours, VRS and MUP forces captured a larger number of people from the rear of the column. The VRS deceived the column in a number of ways, including the use of UN and Red Cross equipment, and promising the prisoners they would be transferred to Tuzla and placed under the charge of UNPROFOR and the Red Cross. During their capture, VRS soldiers confiscated the prisoners' personal belongings, while some were executed on the spot. Anticipating the column's movements, VRS and MUP units organized an "ambush operation to destroy" members of the column that were trying to "break out of the enclave towards Tuzla."
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