JULY 12th, 1995
Men who found themselves in front of the base were systematically expelled from the buses to Kladanj and led to the "white house," which was located just in front of the UN battalion base in Potocari. They were forced to surrender their belongings in front of the house. Close to the "white house," behind the "Transport" building and nearby a creek, sporadic executions took place – UN soldiers were certain of this. One witness saw 20-30 bodies piled up behind the building.
As this was happening, the Dutch battalion Deputy Commander instructed the civilian representatives to draw up a list of all the men between the ages of 16 and 65 both inside and outside the compound. The representatives objected, and protested that the evacuation plan that they had prepared was being ignored. Nevertheless, another civilian proceeded to draw up a list of 239 men in the compound. It appears that at least 60 men refused to allow their names to be put on the list. No such list was drawn up for the men who were outside the compound. The Deputy Battalion Commander has since explained that he insisted on the list being drawn up in order to forward the information to the International Red Cross and other authorities, so as to keep track of the men. He has further explained that he initially protested to the VRS about the separation of the men, but relented when the latter claimed that the men would not be harmed and would simply be treated as prisoners of war in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.
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