The third and final meeting was held at Hotel "Fontana" to negotiate the fate of Srebrenica's Muslims. Ratko Mladic ordered the evacuation of refugees from Potocari as the only guarantee of their survival. He also informed those present at the meeting that all able bodied men between 16 and 70 years old must be separated from the rest in order to check if they were war criminals that had hidden themselves within the crowd. The UNPROFOR representatives again emphasized the desperate humanitarian situation among civilians. Mladic responded with what the Dutch battalion commander described as a long historical monologue. Mladic repeated his threat of the previous day that if air strikes were used he would retaliate by shelling the UN base. Mladic requested the Dutch battalion commander provide the VRS with diesel in order to facilitate the evacuation. The Dutch battalion Commander responded that he had no diesel to provide the VRS and requested that he be allowed to put one of his soldiers on each of the buses evacuating the population. Mladic apparently concurred and indicated that the transport of the population to Kladanj, the nearest ARBiH-held town, would commence at 1300 hours.
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