Assistent Commander and Chief of Intelligence, Bratunac Brigade VRS
JULY 12th, 1995
Prior to the meeting, I met with Lieutenant-Colonel Vujadin Popovic, Chief of Security, Drina Corps, and Lieutenant-Colonel Kosoric, Chief of Intelligence, Drina Corps, outside the Hotel Fontana. At that time Lt. Col. Popovic told me that the thousands of Muslim women and children in Potocari would be transported out of Potocari toward Muslim-held territory, and that the able-bodied Muslim men would be separated from the crowd, detained temporarily in Bratunac, and killed shortly thereafter. I was told that it was my responsibility to help coordinate and organize this operation. Lt. Col. Kosoric reiterated this information and we discussed the appropriate locations to detain the Muslim men prior to their execution. Lt. Col. Popovic and Kosoric talked with me about sites of executions of temporarily detained Muslim men in Bratunac and we discussed two locations which were outside Bratunac town.
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